Pay respect to the Orixás of candomblé with this upbeat, afro jazz style album from Salvador, Brazil.

A collaboration between Brazilian percussionist and alabé Bira Santos and Welsh saxophonist and musical researcher Jochen Eisentraut, this album commands attention.


Ritmeloxá, with its afro jazz stylings, is a tribute to the Orixás, or dieties, of candomblé.

Even the album name itself is a homage. The album was given the name Ritmeloxá by co-collaborator Jochen Eisentraut when he combined the Portuguese word for rhythms, ritmos, with the name of the Orixá of peace, Oxalá.

This collaboration between Welsh saxophonist Jochen Eisentraut and Brazilian percussionist Bira Santos came together when Jochen visited Salvador as part of an exchange program to discover the unique candomblé rhythms of the region. His studies with Bira led to a collaboration that resulted in a show and album.

Song list

  1. Afro Jazz (3:11)
  2. Oxum (5:30)
  3. Engenho Gaza (6:19)
  4. Oxossi (4:18)
  5. Y Dwr Glan (Aguas Claras) (2:41)
  6. Sete (4:40)
  7. Puxando de Rede (4:55)
  8. Bata (3:24)

Total runtime: 34:58

All songs are either from the public domain or are original compositions of Bira’s. All arrangements are by Bira and Jochen.

Musicians & Instruments

  • Bira Santos: atabaque, conga, berimbau, agogô
  • Jochen Eisentraut: saxophone
  • Vanderson Baobá: moringa


  • Musical direction: Bira Santos & Jochen Eisentraut
  • Cover design: Nel Povey
  • Cover photo: Padmapani Patanasiri
  • Recording location: Sobrasa Estudio

Usage rights

While this music is being sold for personal use only, we know we can’t control what happens once it’s downloaded — and Bira’s music is often used commercially without credit or monetary compensation. We also recognize that many independent artists can’t realistically afford licensing fees, and want to be a force for good in this space. If you are an independent artist that wants to use this music in your workplace, feel free to do so, but please give credit to Bira. Bonus points if you share a link to this page with your clients so they can get a copy of the album.

For any other commercial projects, please contact us for licensing.

Thank you for supporting this small, independent artist!