Bira Santos, composor and musical director
Bira Santos, composer and musical director

Bira has been composing and recording music for 15+ years, having composed and recorded a number of original works, weaving together the rhythms of Africa, Brazil, India, and other world music.

He has not only composed and arranged a number of original works, but he has also recorded on CDs and DVDs with a number of national and international musicians, including the founder of Timbalada, Carlinhos Brown.

Original CDs

  • Aulas de percussão – Nivel 1 & Nivel 2 (Percussion lessons – level 1 & level 2)
  • Ritmos Afro Ecléticos (Eclectic African Rhythms)
  • Tocando para os Orixas (Playing for the Orixas)
  • Ritmos Mestiços (Mixed Rhythms)
  • Percussão e Harpa o Balanço do Mar (Percussion and Harp – The Balance of the Sea)


  • Jochen Eisentraut – Ritmeloxa (2014)
  • Andrew Scott Potter, Edi Machado, Jack Joao Potter – Jazz Standards / Afro Bahian Rhythms (2011)
  • Musiques Racines (2002)

Other Recorded Works

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