Learn Afro-Brazilian rhythms and instruments from an experienced professor in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Man teaching a workshop

Professor Bira Santos uses his 20+ years of experience teaching percussion to beginner and advanced musicians from around the globe to advance your musical abilities. Students of all levels, from beginner to advanced, are welcome!

Classes are taught online, via Skype, and focus on the technical and theoretical.

As an alabé, working musician and professor, he has a strong experience in a wide variety of rhythms and styles of music including: candomblé, samba, samba-reggae, maracatu, and the afro-bloco rhythms of Salvador’s carnaval.

Instruments particularly suited to these lessons include:

  • Pandeiro
  • Tamborim
  • Marcação
  • Repique
  • Bacurina
  • Atabaque
  • Agogô
  • Conga
  • Cajon
  • Surdo

Payment is via PayPal. When you organize your class package, Bira will email you a link for payment.

About Bira Santos

Bira Santos, composer and musical director
Bira Santos, composer and musical director

Bira Santos is an internationally-known musician and percussion instructor,  recognized for his deep knowledge of the rhythms of candomblé.

Growing up in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, he has a rich knowledge of this local religion as well as the samba and samba-reggae music that Salvador is known for.

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Class packages are available. Price varies depending upon the number and duration of the classes. Email or WhatsApp Bira at +55-71-98669-2147 to arrange your class package.